This upcoming special premiere of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir and it's currently coming on 2017, on August 21st only on Nickelodeon.


In a world where Miraculous, the powerful magical item of powers have hidden throughout history of earth from mankind.

Marionette must tour around of Paris with her grandmother around for her visit and meanwhile her friend Adrian must find he remains of his past,as well as his only mother, whose gotten separated from her own son and her husband, face pair of new Miraculous holders who was sent by the mysterious Hawk Moth(whose unrestingly stops at nothing to acquiring the Ladybug earrings and Cat Noir ring in order to have absolute power),setting them out to fetch the miraculous ring and earrings. Enter two holder of uniquely rare two Miraculous rings:The cocky,but slightly harshly Le Toad and not to mention the vicious Sabreon De Cridius, who has a lots of bad history with Cat Noir.

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