Your pages must be written in Standard English (pages in other languages are allowed if they are of good quality) and should have mostly good grammar and spelling for the most part. Sloppy grammar and/or poorly worded sentences will make the page look bad and as a consequence will be a higher candidate for deletion. If English is not your first language and you'd like help on correcting your grammar and spelling, add {{NotEnglish}} to your page for assistance.


Incorrect - de fuyn Gaiz movay iz movi by fuyn moviz.

Correct - The Fun Guys Movie is a movie by Fun Movies.

Be Creative!

The last thing we need is more bad movies such as "The Emoji Movie meets Pixar!!!". Think about it before you create a page. Is this a movie you would actually want to watch? Would this movie sell over two copies at a video store? We here at Movie Fanon Wiki focus on quality content that interests viewers, and uninteresting, low-effort pages certainly doesn't help. So please, it is okay to borrow concepts for use in your film (we are a fanon wiki, after all), but do not copy! Make something more original to yourself! Pages with original concepts are more likely to become Featured than pages that are still well written, but add nothing new to the franchise.

Apply warnings where they need to be!

We have some young people on Movie Fanon Wiki. Eventually they will see the world for what it is, but please, put warnings on mature content (content with excessive swearing, inappropriate themes, etc.); the recommended template to use {{Mature}}. We accept this kind of creativity, but it must be properly labeled, and handled with care and subtlety. Any explicitly suggestive content seen or reported that may be offensive will be put under judgement to see if it is suitable or not.

Joke Articles

Another thing that pops up somewhat commonly is the "joke article". If an article is completely for joking purposes, then it still must follow the wiki's page standards. Something such as Barney's bigets movi would not be acceptable.

Reasons for Deletion

You may find that your article or image may have been deleted some time ago when you weren't looking. Usually, standard reasons have been provided to note why it was deleted from Movie Fanon Wiki in the first place. Explanations for these reasons can be found in the reasons for deletion.

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