Directed By
Matt Ferguson
Narrated By
Craig McDonald
Written By
Sean Jara
Screenplay By
Matt Ferguson
Steven A. Cohen
Alyson Court
Evany Rosen
Nicki Burke
Ana Sani
David Berni
Cory Doran
Mac Heywood
Doug Hadders
Michelle Monteith
Jamie Watson
Dan Lett
Stacey DePass
Julie Lumieux
Lili Francks
Denise Oliver
Talia Pearl
Tkay Maidza
Amy Matysio
Bahia Watson
Stephany Seki
Alana Bridgewater
Kayla Lorette
Shawn Mendes
Tara Strong
Kevin Hart
Jack McBrayer
Jennifer Hale
Christoph Waltz
Katie Griffin
Zach Galifianakis
Keegan-Michael Key
Meisha Watson
Olivia Munn
Anna Faris
Oprah Winfrey
Tanika Charles
Jenifer Lewis
Kayla Lorette
Kheris Rogers
Cree Summer
Jully Black
Keisha Chanté
Clé Bennett
Rachel Luttrell
Toya Alexis
Kheris Rogers
Yara Shahidi
Sean Jara
Produced By
Sean Jara
Doug Ferguson
Susie Gallo
Ruth Ramirez
Mike MacDougall
Kirk Jorgensen
Helen Lebeau
Tracey Dodokin
Film Editing By
Danny Craig
Noel Bright
Cinematography By
Irene Weibel
Music By
Hans Zimmer
Music Composed By
Danny Craig
Topps Animation
Corus Entertainment
Nelvana Films
United States
Release Date
June 4, 2021
101 minutes
Rating PG.gif
Production companies
Topps Animation
Corus Entertainment
Nelvana Limited
$90-$230 million CAD
$450 million CAD
Based on
The show by Sean Jara

Mysticons: The Movie is a 2021 American-Canadian animated fantasy adventure action comedy film based on the show of the same name. The genre of the movie is magical girl, action/adventure and fantasy. The movie is also a musical as well. Each character will rap, and sing. The editors will make the songs into three pieces. One is the original and the other is the remix and the lyric video. The date will be released on June 4th 2021. The Blu-Ray DVD will be on August 31st 2022. The movie will be on YTV and Nickelodeon on 8pm.

There will start filming the movie on December 30th 2020. And the trailer will be shown at May 23rd 2021.


Main Characters: Arkanya, Emerald, Zarya, Piper, Francis, James, Aquamarine, Nora, Alexandrite, Adah, Jendayi, and Cameron.

Wanted: Want to save Drake City and Protect The Codex Pieces, Dragon Disk, and the madailan.

But: The evil, powerful wizard and his henchmen are teamed up with Tazma and the Vexicons to taking over the city.

So: The Mysticons and their seven new friends spilt up and took a journey, and stop the wizard.

Then: Everyone in the whole city was praising the Mysticons because they saved the whole city. And they all started singing.

The chapter book of the movie is made by Sadie Chesterfield.


When a Dark, powerful wizard and his henchmen teams up with Tazma and the Vexicons took over the Drake City and steal the Madailan, the Mysticons embark on a journey, along with Choko, Malvaron, Doug, the Pink Skulls, Proxima Starfall and seven new friends: Francis, James, Nora, Aquamarine, Alexandrite, Adah, Jendayi, and Cameron to save Drake City and protect the Dragon Disk, Codex Pieces, and the Madailan.



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