SpongeBobSquarePantsYes DoraTheExplorerNo: The Movie is a movie made by MkShinx


The movie begins with MkShinx and SpongeBobSquarePantsYes DoraTheExplorerNo playing at the park. MkShinx decided that they would have a swinging contest to see who can swing the highest, but SpongeBobSquarePantsYes DoraTheExplorerNo got distracted by a potion stand. Not knowing that the shopkeeper is disguised as VHSDVDSandCDSyes badwordsno, Fabian buys a potion and drinks it. MkShinx tells him to come to the swing set. While they swing, Fabian felt sick, so MkShinx told him to lie down. When Fabian woke up, he was a hawk! VHSDVDSandCDsyes badwordsno laughed at the duo. Then they got into and argument and VHSDVDSandCDsyes badwordsno cracked off the land that MkShinx and Fabian were standing on, setting them off to sea. While at sea, they come across a raging storm that startles them. After the storm, they were dead tired, so they slept until they come to a deserted island. On the deserted island, they see a mouse named Gunther. Gunther was hungry, so Fabian gave him a piece of fish from MkShinx's mouth. Gunther thanked the duo for giving him that.



SpongeBobSquarePantsYes DoraTheExplorerNo: The Movie/Transcript

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