Treasure Planet II is a 2014 sequel was released on March 28 2014 in the UK January 17 2014 in Brazil and December 31 2014 in the USA


Jim Hawkins was finding the true world against the galaxy


  • Jopesh Gordon-Levitt:Jim Hawkins
  • Brian Mirray:Long John Sliver
  • Emma Thompson:Captain Amelia
  • David Hyde Percie:Doctor Delbert Doppler
  • Dustin Hoffman:Mr Onyx
  • Dustin Hoffman also plays Mr Arrow in the flashbacks
  • Anne Hathaway:Dorplhy
  • Laure Metcalf:Sharah Hawkins
  • AnnaSophia Robb:April
  • Cortey Burton:Onus/Redline/Skillet
  • Maya Ruldoph:Prentez
  • Joe Pantoliano:Billy Bones

Cast Voice Actor Death Member Notices

Over the Past years two Voice actors from a 2002 film had passed away over the years for Example Roscoe Lee Browne the voice of Mr Arrow died of stomach cancer in April 11 2007 so Dustin Hoffman will be the new voice of Mr Arrow. Patrick McGoohan the voice of Billy Bones Died of illness in January 13 2009 so Joe Pantoliano will be the voice of Billy Bones in the sequel.


Jopesh Gordon-Levitt reprise his role as Jim Hawkins but his voice was older Emma Thompson Brian Murray Laure Metcalf and Cortey Bruton Reprise their roles from the film Mr Arrow and Billy Bones will return in the sequel and voiced by Dustin Hoffman and Joe Pantoliano

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